DK, a self-proclaimed half-rebel, half-nerd, is a cyber-enhanced inventor VTuber, accompanied by two faithful AI companions, Mario and Link.Click For Business Inquiries


"In the symphony of circuits and shadows, I'm the conductor of my destiny, weaving melodies of rebellion and innovation." - DKSelf-proclaimed half-rebel, half- nerd, DK is a cybernetically enhanced human whose intellect gleams as bright as the city's lights. His unique power resides in his voice, crafted through vocal cord cybernetics that enable him to assume multiple identities if he so chooses, while his natural eyes remain concealed behind traditional glasses—a homage to the past and a connection to his humanity. His true name is unknown to all but himself.As an inventor, DK breathes life into technology's embrace. Among his digital companions, Link and Mario stand out. Link, an oracle AI, guides him through the labyrinth of complexities, while Mario adds a dash of camaraderie, trading jests that dispel solitude's chill.Through streams, DK finds solace from isolation, his voice uniting a digital community. And at his fingertips, an unnamed cyberglove bridges the gap between man and machine, enabling him to navigate the intangible realm of neural interfaces.In this cyberpunk tale, DK navigates the currents of a digital age—a fusion of rebel and geek, humanity and technology, carving a path through the neon-lit darkness.


"Inventing is not about bending to the world's rules; it's about breaking free and reshaping them with your imagination." - Dawn KeyAmidst the neon-lit labyrinth of a sprawling cyberpunk city, DK emerged as the torchbearer of his late mentor, the legendary inventor Dawn Key. His saga ignited in the back alleys, where he forged miracles from discarded tech as an orphaned street-kid scrapper to survive the relentless grasp of corpo overlords.Dawn Key, a scion of creative rebels, possessed a thirst for knowledge that grew from an ember to a roaring blaze. Her genius conjured innovations that birthed revolutions, hindered only by a relentless quest for perfection and battles with procrastination. These internal struggles restrained her from fully realizing her astronomical potential.But Dawn's brilliance was like a virus—unstoppable without a cure. Her mastery of engineering aimed to dismantle the chains of tech oppression, offering free gadgets as a rebellion against economic shackles.In the tangled threads of fate, Dawn's orbit collided with REDACTED, a nascent inventor. She embraced mentorship, an armor that shielded him from the crucibles of innovation. Their partnership became an incendiary mix, fueling progress and birthing innovation. Yet, the cosmic jest: Dawn's existence was abruptly cut, leaving REDACTED drifting in the void.In an eerie twist of fate, Dawn glimpsed her own demise. Just days before her untimely end, she bestowed REDACTED with two rings—a symbiotic bond, etched with the letters "D" and "K". The rings transcended into emblems of remembrance, as REDACTED metamorphosed into DK, casting aside the name bestowed upon him at birth—an ethereal reckoning with those who had forsaken him long ago.Beneath the city's neon façade, shadows of suspicion slithered within DK. Whispers hinted at a web of corpo malevolence ensnaring Dawn due to her mission to unleash tech to the masses. Guided by ironclad resolve, DK donned her aspirations like armor, pledging to unveil the truth behind her demise—an incident the powers that be deemed an "accident."In the city's underbelly, DK's left hand cradled the final creation birthed by their union—a glove that fused man and machine with a mere touch. This artifact, a conduit of their dreams, bore the weight of Dawn Key's legacy, propelling DK's journey to unearth the truth, blazing a trail through the neon-drenched future and embodying the ideals that set their world ablaze.Unfortunately, DK suspects that the same corporation that took out Dawn Key is now on his tail and is forced to go into hiding while he completes his mission. Luckily, he's created two AI companions, Mario and Link, in order to keep his mind occupied during the isolation he has surrounded himself with. While DK spends his idle time streaming to the masses under a false identity, what will be the next step in his journey to realizing his master's dream?